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The QA Interest Group was the main body of the Quality Assurance activity at W3C, with a rather broad focus ranging from helping create better W3C technologies to education and outreach about proper use of the Web, as well as tools development.

The QA IG closed in 2007.


The last co-chairs of the QAIG were Karl Dubost (W3C) and Patrick Curran of Sun Microsystems. For any other communication with the group, please use the group's Mailing-Lists.

About the Quality Assurance Interest Group at W3C

Note that the Quality Assurance Interest Group is now closed.

The QA IG was the main body of the Quality Assurance activity at W3C.

The mission of this Group is stated in its charter :

The main objective of the QA Interest Group (QAIG) is to have W3C, its Membership and the Web community involved in QA at large share their understanding of the work of the W3C QA Activity, in particular the Activity's relationship with external organizations; issues with Web certification and branding; its educational effort; its funding model; etc. The QAIG also represents the interests of software developers attempting to implement conformant products, notably those developers who did not participate in writing the applicable W3C Recommendations.

More information is available on the scope of this group's activities.


Unfinished work

These following projects were on-going work in need of people to work on. If you are interested to picking up some of this work, welcome to participate. Pplease send an email to [email protected].

W3C Note: Dummy Guide for Test Assertions
A guide to help Specification developers to create Test Assertions.
W3C Note: CUAP
A W3C note about user agent problems which needs to be cleaned up and updated.
W3C Note: CHIPs
A W3C note about HTTP server implementation problems which needs to be cleaned up and updated.
W3C Note: Test Metadata
The document needs to be republished and polished. And to add an RDF Schema and or XML schema.
WASP Curriculum for Web Standards
A survey is in preparation for polling teachers on their standard teaching practices.

The QA Library

The QA Activity hosts a comprehensive set of technical documentation aimed at Web developers, Web authors and corporate managers: the QA Library. These documents were usually authored by the W3C QA staff after discussion within the mailing-lists of the QA Interest Group.

Development : the QA Development effort

The QA Tools development effort (or, in short, "qa-dev") is one of the projects launched by the QA activity at W3C in order to reach its goal of better implementations of W3C technologies.

qa-dev is animated by volunteer developers working on Web quality tools such as validators and test tools, and QAIG participants with an interest in tools development are welcome to help or participate in this effort.

Learn more about this qa-dev effort and ways to participate.


The charter for the QA Interest Group has detailed information about the scope and process of the group.

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